“Unroll your carpet and I shall see what is written in your heart.”
Turkmen proverb

 At The Fifth Wall not only do we believe in that proverb, but we endeavour to help every heart find its essence in the carpet it unrolls and exhibits to the world. Every home, every room, every space is unique; it is the magical union of a space with its contents that creates its soul. At The Fifth Wall we like to think of ourselves as curators of the spatial soul and that is the philosophy that guides us.


“I always begin a room with the rug; it is literally the foundation of the space. I then go on to the furniture.”
Lee Radziwill (American Socialite and Interior Decorator)

A single carpet or rug can command the largest and choicest chunk of visual real estate in any room or space. This is the principal motivation behind innumerable individuals and interior decorators trusting carpets and rugs as the underpinning of decorating any space, be it residential, official or commercial. The rug a guest or visitor encounters in your space sends an instant message about your sense of style; be it traditional, contemporary, conventional or exotic.


Incorporating rugs and carpets in any space is one of the easiest ways to transform and enliven it. Based on its colours, motifs, and style, the right rug can dictate the tone of a room, or house, at the very first glance and, indirectly, illuminate the personality of the people inhabiting it. No two handmade carpets or rugs are the same, ever! That is the reason they are all the more special as they add a charm of exclusivity and beauty through their unique imperfections. As exquisite as it is durable, a handmade rug, or carpet, is woven with stories of the regional, and generational, skills of its artisans. Coming straight to your home from the looms and hands of various tribal and regional artisans, a unique handmade carpet from The Fifth Wall can be the perfect long-term investment and a family heirloom passed down generations.


From the snowcapped mountains of Afghanistan to the lush plains of the Punjab and the scorching deserts of Sindh, we, at The Fifth Wall, have been working with all major regional carpet-producing hubs and village tribes. This friendship and partnership spans more than forty years. However, we have always kept our customer base exclusive and regional. It is only recently that we have opened our doors to the rest of the world. This magnification of focus is accompanied by an expansion in our offerings. When browsing through our rugs and carpets, you will not only find the familiar and the common, but also the startling and the unpredictable. We say startling because you will encounter carpet designs that have been defunct for hundreds of years, but we are bringing them back in close collaboration with traditional craftsmen. We say unpredictable because you will also see pieces that delight with their fusion of the traditional and the contemporary; designed painstakingly with the participation of the region’s most creative interior designers and artists. The universe of hand-woven carpets and rugs is not only enormous but also remarkably addictive; and we at The Fifth Wall welcome you to it!


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